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Rodrigo Reyes is a Landscape Designer who embraced Ornithology and Birding as a lifelong passion.

His acquaintance with birds starts at ten in Europe, where he was particularly attracted to Corvids. Upon returning to Chile he started studying the birds of the country, becoming very knowledgeable on them thanks in part to more than 20 years of field experience.

He´s been involved in different ornithological projects, among them wetland bird population counts in central Chile and pelagic field trips to the Humboldt Current, field trips all over Chile, from the Atacama Desert to Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, and from the Andean peaks to the Pacific Ocean.

He´s also studied the breeding biology of several birds, among them the endemic Chilean Mockingbird and Seaside Cinclodes.

He´s currently involved in a thorough record of the birds present at La Campana National Park, among other projects.

He also works in environmental education in many schools of Valparaíso and as a birding guide for CODEFF Valparaíso (BirdLife in Chile) and renowned wildlife-oriented lodges like Patagonia Baker Lodge, Aysen Wildlife, El Ingenio Lodge, Guaitecas Travesía Lodge, Posada del Parque, and his own companies, Patagonia Fjord Expeditions and Birdwatching Chile.

Together with Rodrigo Tapia he created the Chile Bird Festival and organized its first and second versions.

He´s published several articles and photographs in scientific magazines, bulletins and specialized books.

Rodrigo is a member of the Chilean Ornithologists Union UNORCH and a co-founder of the Chilean Bird and Wildlife Observers Network ROC, where he is in charge of the coordination for Wetlands International´s Neotropical Waterfowl Census.

In his landscaping projects he designs looking for the relationship and potential development of both avian and botanical biological cycles.

He´s fluent in Spanish, English and Swedish.

He currently lives in Viña del Mar.